Monday Motives.

WOW blog post #4

WOW blog post #4 pic 3

WOW blog post 4 pic 4

It’s Monday already?

Let’s be honest. Monday mornings are all about going back to work. But we don’t want to think about more than what we already have to, right? That’s why this outfit is a no-brainer!

Jeans are everybody’s go-to piece aren’t they? Well here’s how to spice them up in a few easy steps…

1. Don’t be afraid to try a different cut! Bootleg, straight, skinny, we’ve seen them all. But trying a different cut can transform your basics into your fashion forward piece. Today I chose the ‘a-cuff’ jeans. Fitted in the thigh like a skinny, falling down the calf like a boyfriend and finishing just above the ankle with a scrunched, elasticised hem. But this style isn’t for everyone. Why not try a ripped or distressed boyfriend, a high waisted pair with a tailored top at the waist to accentuate, or the ever-so-stylish-this-season ankle grazer cut?

Tip: Don’t have ankle grazer jeans and don’t want to spend the extra cash? Take a pair of regular skinny’s and cuff the hems to sit an inch above the ankle. Great for summer and for showing off a pair of pumps!

2. Jeans and t-shirt, right? Not right. And no I’m not saying that jeans and a tee are not great together. But don’t let that idea limit you. Jeans are very versatile. Match it with a softer blouse for femininity, drape a blazer over your shoulders, add a classic pointed heel. Your jeans are now the staple piece for your evening wardrobe too!

3. ACCESSORISE!  Don’t want your jeans to seem plain? Don’t dress them plain! Accessorising is one of the most important things to dressing up the drab. I’m not a big accessories girl either. A long necklace, chunky watch and a couple of rings and your new outfit is complete!

Remember, style is all about the way you wear it!


Outfit details..

Top – Sportsgirl

Lace crop – General Pants

Jeans – Sportsgirl

Sandals – Betts

Accessories – Tiffanys, Marc Jacobs, Pandora

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