Brick by Brick

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Well Spring hasn’t quite sprung yet – but almost! And although it’s exciting to see what the new season holds in the big wide world of fashion, it can often be a challenge to transition from your Winter to Spring wardrobe.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably be wanting to hide some very sun-deprived, pale legs! Wide leg pants have definitely made a strong comeback into fashion in these past few months. The high waist and the wide cuffs create the perfect long legged illusion (yay for us shorties!). A sheer pair are perfect for Spring as they introduce softer fabrics while not showing off too much skin (it’s still breezy after all!).

Just because it’s getting warmer doesn’t mean you have to run for the pastel and floral prints. Fear no more – Neutral tones are still very much okay. And yes navy is a neutral! Not only does it work with your Winter burgundy’s but it’s also the perfect companion to team with camel, white and nude tones for the warmer months ahead.

Throw on some lacey sandals and a curl in your hair and you’re half way to Spring!

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Outfit Details..

Top – Finders Keepers the Label

Pants – The Fifth

Shoes – ‘Nia-B’ by Betts For Her

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