The Finer Things

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Most of the time dressing casual is the norm. That doesn’t mean it has to be plain and boring though! (Even if you’re someone like me, who likes their neutrals!)

Jeans = tick! Knit = tick! Flats = tick! So you’ve got all of your go-to casual basics but you want to steer away from making your outfit another plain old jeans and top combo? Take care in the finer details of your outfit!

One of the best ways to get a different look and feel fresh is just simply by changing the way you wear those key pieces. Start with jeans – the most basic of basic wardrobe items, right? Well if you’re tired of the way they look on you then maybe its time for a new pair or a different cut. My tip to wake up your jeans is by simply cuffing them at the hem. Not so neat that ‘you did it on purpose’ but messy enough that you achieve the ‘I didn’t even try’ look!

I’m a self confessed knit wear addict! I adore Winter only for its cozy jumpers. I search all season and buy way too many, looking for that perfect one that washes well, keeps its shape and feels oh-so-soft! If you want to steer away from those heavy knits you already have that just consume you when you wear them, then try a knit with a different cut. Simple side splits, different arm lengths, ribbed fabric, high neck or off the shoulder – the list goes on. Go for a knit that works for you, that’s probably pricier but worth the cost and one that is neutral so you’ll get the wear out of it! Light knits with shorter sleeves are the ultimate transitional piece that will take care of you on those breezy Spring days.

Flats are every girls comfort shoe. It’s the safe choice – isn’t it? Just because it’s a flat, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. One of my ultimate pet hates is seeing a gorgeous outfit worn with plain, black, tatty flats with feet rolling out of them! Don’t worry, I love a comfy shoe just as much as the next girl. Look for a more structured flat that has simple detailing. Ankle lace-ups are a huge must for this Spring season. If you haven’t got your hands on a pair, now is the time to do so – you heard it here first! If you’re not into the lace-up trend, try a flat with discreet cut outs, a loafer style or lash out and try a brogue!

Just because your outfit is comfy and simple doesn’t mean it can’t exude style and fashion. Sometimes the finer details of an outfit make the loudest statement.

Tip: Add a thin, soft scarf for extra layers in your outfit, a little more colour and a heap of warmth!

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Knit – French Connection

Jeans – Bardot

Scarf – Zara

Shoes – “Aqua” by Betts For Her

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