Spring Into Winter with The Birdcage Boutique

IMG_3340IMG_3341IMG_3344IMG_3343IMG_3342IMG_3346Wrap dresses are one of those pieces you want to wear over and over… even when Summer is over (am I right?). They’re the ultimate efforless styling we’re all looking for in life. Are you with me?  That one piece that you can just throw on, look like you’ve actually made effort and execute that ‘woke up like this’ vibe.

Well even though we’re well and truly into the depths of Winter, it doesn’t mean you can’t style your favourite piece with those Winter warmers.  Layering adds dimension and depth to any outfit (not to mention warmth and comfort, am I right?!). Here I’ve styled the Everlasting Long Sleeve Shirt Dress in the Biscuit Chain Print with the Underground Pants in Black. You really can’t go wrong with a quality pair of black pants that can be those go-to everyday pair with endless amounts of styling opportunities. The Underground Pants have front detailed pleating with flared hems to give them that point of difference. If you’re anything like me, you love discovering a new print and working it into your fav looks. This gorgeous print has me dreaming of a European Summer but styled with the Underground pant its edgy and eclectic! The dress styled over the pants is such an easy styling tip but let’s be honest, it looks like you tried and you nailed it!

The Transverse collection by C/MEO COLLECTIVE has seriously put new life into what we know as winter fashion. If you love your warm hues and dark winter palette or are looking to get out of that “wearing all black through winter” phase, this collection will be a breath of fresh air into your wardrobe. With gorgeous tones like the biscuit and seafoam, not to mention the to-die-for chain print, Transverse will have you excited about your wardrobe again!

Shop the Transverse collection by C/MEO COLLECTIVE at thebirdcageboutique.com.au now!


For The Birdcage Boutique x

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