Believe In The Sleeve ~ with The Birdcage Boutique

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We all know that the sleeve trend is going cray and I don’t know about you guys but my obsession with a statement sleeve has only just begun!

The Birdcage Boutique brings us banger after banger and this set from C/MEO COLLECTIVE is no exception. The silky silhouette and split sleeve detailing makes this the ultimate weekend wardrobe essential. The, so-on-trend-right-now, off-the-shoulder style isn’t like you’ve seen it before with it’s asymmetric neck line and low shoulder cut. It’s the trend you’ve been loving since Summer but with a fresh new feel!

Sleeves are having a fashion moment right now and it’s right along side of frills! The frill hem detail transforms the skirt from a wardrobe basic into a wardrobe statement. Team these pieces together for a seamless and effortless look or style them separately for any occasion from casual to cocktails! This creamy khaki tone is perfect for styling with any neutral including nude, grey, black and even blush to add a refreshing pop of colour into your Winter wardrobe.

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Five Summer Essentials ~ with The Bag Collective

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Summer is all about minimalism and having those few staple essentials to get you through is so important.

The Bag Collective and I have teamed up to bring you the Five Summer Essentials you need this season!

One ~ A bold lippy.. I’m a huge advocate for minimalist style and basing a capsule wardrobe around neutrals. A bold lipstick adds a pop of colour to any look and is perfect for Summer styling!

Two ~ A good pair of sunnies.. We’ve all bought a cheap pair before hoping they’ll last through the sun and salt of Summer! Well a good pair of sunnies is going to be one of your best purchases this season. They’ll be a lot more durable, protective and has the ability to elevate any look.

Three ~ BB Cream.. Who has time to put on a full face of make up when you really want to be at the beach?! BB Cream is that essential beauty product to provide you with that light effortless coverage (not to mention sun protection!).

Four ~ Tassel Earrings.. Yes it’s a thing right now, yes you should get on board! I am obsessed with this trend and how it can take any look from day to night. Tassel Earrings are super boho but so chic and another item you need on your list this Summer.

Five ~ Headphones.. Summer really wouldn’t be the same without the tunes! When you want to chill out on your inflatable swan, how fun would it be without that summer playlist? Am I right?

Pack all of your Summer essentials into your personalized monogrammed pouch by The Bag Collective! They’re the ultimate minimalist essential to elevate any look. Choose from their wide range of colours and personalize the leather with your initials for that special touch. They’re the perfect gift for someone special or treat yourself to one of these beauties!

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You’ll thank me later 😉




Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetIn the fashion world we’re often surrounded by loud prints, creative designs and bold colours but simple cuts and unique structures will never go a stray.

Nailing a minimalist look isn’t always as easy as it looks. Too simple and it risks looking plain and too much accessorising can take the “minimalist” out of it.

To nail the look you need to focus on the fabric, the fit and the feature!

Fabric – Aim invest in quality fabrics for long lasting wear and a seamless look.

Fit – Pay attention to how the garment fits. An ill fitting garment can ruin the whole look.

Feature – Look for a point of difference, something that makes your garment stand out from the rest. A flare sleeve, a low back or a unique colour, for instance!

Don’t forget, sometimes, less is more!


Top – C/MEO COLLECTIVE / Culottes – Bardot / Shoes – Betts / Bag – Mon Purse

Shooting with Australian Style Institute

batch_IMG_0737batch_IMG_0796batch_IMG_0879batch_IMG_0952batch_IMG_0895batch_IMG_1042Shooting with Australian Style Institute and their incredible team of models, hair and make up artists, fashion labels and oh so talented photographer, Jason Lau, was such a great experience.

Working with other aspiring stylists and entrepreneurs of the fashion industry made it a shoot like no other. The creative eye of Jason Lau helped us see things we didn’t picture before and allowed us to push all creative boundaries.

We took to the quirky streets of Fitzroy in Melbourne to shoot gorgeous pieces by incredible labels, Megan Park, Once Was and Gorman and had the pleasure of shooting with Brazen models.

Take a look at the some behind the scenes snaps from ASI and be on the lookout for the final shots still to come!


(All images belong to Australian Style Institute.)


PJ’s All Day



I was a tad reluctant to try this trend at first but I love how different it is… oh and comfy!

With any trend I always suggest trialing a cheaper version before investing in the real deal in case it’s something that isn’t around for long or if it’s simply just not you.

I teamed the PJ blouse (or so I call it) with my go to leather mini for a chic yet laid back look. I was actually touring this day so I wanted to look put together but still cool in the Tokyo heat!

When you’re putting a new trend to the test, put your spin on it and style it with your go-to pieces for your ultimate look. I love leather skirts right now and neck ties (or skinny scarfs, or anything neck tie related!) so make it yours with your own style!



Outfit Details

Top and Hat H&M // Skirt Witchery // Shoes Betts // Neck Tie Bardot


My Kimono Experience


Well I went to Japan, and now I’m back home in Aus (did I blink?) and I’m procrastinating now more than ever! Isn’t that what they call the post holiday blues?? – YES IT’S REAL

Japan was incredible. A place that I can appreciate now more than ever for having been there and for having experienced the diverse culture and exciting lifestyle. Food was just amazing and the history and tradition behind the modern culture now is just astounding. It was such a privilege to be a part of – if only for a little bit.

On my blog you’d be used to reading about modern style, trends and fashion of today but this post is going to be a little different. I’m going to talk about a fashion experience that totally pushed the boundaries of excitement for any western girl – wearing a kimono!

The look…

If this isn’t a historical and cultural education in our world of fashion, I don’t know what is! Picking out my kimono was so exciting. The colours, prints and fabrics to choose from was so out of the ordinary minimalistic world that we live in today. In fact in relation to kimonos the bolder the better! I’m a bit of a “plain jane” when it comes to fashion as I love to play with different cuts, shapes and fabrics rather than lots of colour. So when it came to kimonos, I went in the complete opposite direction  and went all out!

The process…

Getting dressed in a kimono takes about 30 minutes – and that was me being dressed by a pro! There are so many layers where do I start? You wear a sheer white gown under the kimono and then you have about four layers of belts and towels around your waist before the final Obi sash is finally put on. It’s very firm around the waist and ribs so personally I think my posture got a little better!! I didn’t attempt to eat in my kimono as it was so tight but I congratulate anyone who tries!

The accessories…

The traditional bags are like mini bucket bags in their shape and small to fit a purse and the essentials. The socks are called Tabi and go upto the ankle and split in between separating the big toe. They are made to be worn with the traditional Geta footwear as I’ve worn.

Nowadays kimonos are only worn for very special occasions such as weddings or traditional Japanese events such as festivals and other cultural events. You won’t see people wearing them in Tokyo so if you do visit Japan, head to a cultural place such as Kyoto to get a feel for traditional Japan!



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(The entire outfit was sourced and borrowed in Japan.)





Tokyo On-The-Go

IMG_6140IMG_6141IMG_6143IMG_6152Here’s some styling tips you don’t have to travel far to find out!

  1. Style doesn’t have to be compromised for travel – Just because you’re living out of a suitcase doesn’t mean you’ve lost all sense of your personal style. It’s easy to go into panic mode when it comes to packing… and traveling… and figuring out what to wear! Opt for pieces that will provide you comfort for long periods of time while on the go.( That doesn’t mean putting on the trackies and runners!!) Look for key items that look put together but don’t necessarily compromise style for comfort. (Enter the culottes!!)
  2. Neutrals are your best friend! – They’re simply just the easiest items to mix and match when living off of a few items on the go. Options will be endless and it will make getting ready quicker to avoid cutting into that precious site-seeing time!
  3. Play with different shapes and cuts – Neutrals are basic but the shapes don’t have to be. Bring a point of difference to your outfit by  teaming items that attract the eye. It might be a frill, flare sleeve, low back etc but it will make that basic piece, not so basic!

Even if you aren’t planning a trip anytime soon, these tips are helpful to incorporate into your everyday wardrobe!

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Outfit details

Top & Pants – Parco, Kichijoji, Tokyo // Shoes – Betts For Her // Bag – Mimco